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Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, after Italian islands of Sicily and Sardinia (both in terms of area and population). It is strategically located at the intersection of three continents; Europe, Middle East and Africa. Cyprus was colonized by the British, and they got their independence on the 1st of October 1960.
In the year 1974 Cyprus got divided into two separate states namely – TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) and The Republic of Cyprus (south). The boundary separating the two sides is known as the “Green Line” it runs through Nicosia the capital of both North and South Cyprus.
The North is a self-declared state that comprises of the northeastern portion of the island of Cyprus recognized only by Turkey. Northern Cyprus is considered by the international community as Turkish-occupied territory of the Republic of Cyprus. The south also is a self-declared state, but they are recognized by the European Union. Cyprus is a major tourist destination in the Mediterranean; they joined the European Union on 1 May 2004 and the Euro-zone

General Information

❖ Capital: Nicosia
❖ Location: Europe, eastern Mediterranean
❖ Language: Greek, Turkish, English
❖ Official Currency: Euro
❖ Population: 855,000 (including Turkish-occupied Cyprus)
❖ Total Area: 9,251 sq km (3,572 sq miles)
❖ Religion: Greek Orthodox, and Islam in the north
❖ Climate: Sunny & Dry throughout the year .The sun shines for 340 days
of the year April to November is called winter but very mild
❖ Summer: May – October
❖ Winter: November – March

Fast Facts

❖ Member of European Union
❖ Upcoming Schengen Country
❖ In between Greece and Turkey
❖ World’s healthier whether
❖ Credit Transfer to USA, UK, Australia ,Europe and more……
❖ Further Study counseling services inside the college
❖ Accepted to other college outside CYPRUS for more than 40 colleges around the globe


⇒ Fall : September/October
⇒ Spring : January/February
⇒ Summer : June/July.

⇒ Private College: will have flexible intake


❖ application fee 100-150 Euro
❖ Tuition Fee: 4500 to 9000 Yearly (including visa deposit)
❖ living expenses: 150 to $ 300 per month
❖ Pocket money (2000 Euro)
❖ Air Ticket (600 Euro)
❖ Expected total expenses: 6.5 to 10.5 lakhs

Documentation Checklist for Admission

  • Application fee

  • Photo

  • Passport

  • Academic documents till date

  • IELTS/TOEFL (If any)

  • GMAT, GRE admission for Master degree (If any)

Documentation Checklist for Visa

  • Admission letter

  • Photo

  • Original Passport and copy of Passport (With Attestation of Foreign Ministry)

  • All academic documents (With Attestation of Foreign Ministry)

  • Police Report(With Attestation of Foreign Ministry)

  • Bank Balance certificate & Transaction With balance of 7000 Euro (With Attestation of Foreign Ministry)

  • Medical Report from Govt. Hospital (With Attestation of Foreign Ministry)

  • Proficiency certificate if any (IELTS)

  • Relationship Certificate with Sponsor (if other than Father or Mother)

  • Sponsorship Letter from Sponsor (if other than Father or Mother)

Living Cost in Cyprus

Living cost in Canada per year approximately…

❖ Student (Per Year) = CA$10000- 11000
❖ Spouse (Per Year) = CA$4000
❖ Child (Per Year) = CA$3000

Accommodation cost in Canada approximately…

❖ Hostels and Guesthouses – 80 to $135 per week
❖ Shared Rental – $70 to $250 per week
❖ On campus – $80 to $250 per week
❖ Homestay – $110 to $270 per week
❖ Rental – $100 to $400 per week

Other expenses…

❖ Groceries and eating out – $70 to $150 per week
❖ Gas, electricity – $40 to $80 per week
❖ Phone and Internet – $20 to $40 per week
❖ Public transport – $10 to $50 per week
❖ Car (after purchase) – $150 to $200 per week

Our Process at a Glance

Get Advice

Our counselors will guide you for choosing a right path to follow.

Choose University

Choose the right institute from some of the top ranking universities of Canada.

Accept Notification of Selection

Accept the offer and pay the tuition fee of the institute.

Apply for Study Permit

Complete visa application paper work with our counselors.


Submit passport & medical after receiving study permits conformation.

Get Ready to Fly

Receive your VISA and ready to fly. Have a prosperous future!

Get Advice

Pick an Institute

GTE Assessment

Accept the Offer

Get Visa

Prepare for Abroad

Make Your Dream True

Our philosophy is that the student comes first.

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