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General Information

Official Name : MALAYSIA
Capital: Kuala Lumpur
Population: 32,385 million
Language: Malay
Religion: Malays comprise 69.1% of the population, while the Chinese, Indian and Bumiputeras and other races make up the rest of the country’s populationis Evangelical Lutheran, but there are also many other religions and faiths in the country
Currency: Ringgit Malaysia and is written as RM or MYR.
GDP per capita (PPP): 314.5 billion USD (2017)
Total area: 329,758 square km

Why Malaysia

Malaysia is an increasingly popular place to get tertiary education with more than 40,000 international students from over 100 countries studying in Malaysia. It is the center of academic and higher education excellence in the region. Some reasons why international students choose Malaysia includes:
❖ Quality Education Programs
❖ Work While You Study
❖ Low Cost Living and Tuition Fees
❖ Courses are Conducted in English
❖ Multicultural Studying Environment
❖ Safe and Comfortable Place to Study

Fast Facts

❖ With/Without IELTS,
❖ Full/Partial Scholarship,
❖ No Gap Issue /No Age Limit,
❖ No old bank statement / No need to show source of funds,
❖ Degree is recognized by all over the world.
❖ 99% Visa Ratio


⇒ Two Major intakes: Fall – September and October and Spring – January and February.

⇒ Private College/University : will have flexible intake


❖ Application & EMGS fees 2000-3000 Ringit
❖ Tuition Fee: 15000 to 40000 Yearly
❖ living expenses: 500 to $ 900 per month
❖ Air Ticket Tk (22,000/=)
❖ Expected total expenses: 3.5 to 6 Lak

Documentation Checklist for Admission

  • Pay Application & EMGS Fees

  • Photo

  • Passport

  • Academic documents till date

  • IELTS/TOEFL (If any)

  • GMAT, GRE admission for Master degree (If any)

  • Medical

Living Cost in Malaysia

Living cost in Canada per year approximately…

❖ Student (Per Year) = CA$10000- 11000
❖ Spouse (Per Year) = CA$4000
❖ Child (Per Year) = CA$3000

Accommodation cost in Canada approximately…

❖ Hostels and Guesthouses – 80 to $135 per week
❖ Shared Rental – $70 to $250 per week
❖ On campus – $80 to $250 per week
❖ Homestay – $110 to $270 per week
❖ Rental – $100 to $400 per week

Other expenses…

❖ Groceries and eating out – $70 to $150 per week
❖ Gas, electricity – $40 to $80 per week
❖ Phone and Internet – $20 to $40 per week
❖ Public transport – $10 to $50 per week
❖ Car (after purchase) – $150 to $200 per week

Our Process at a Glance

Get Advice

Our counselors will guide you for choosing a right path to follow.

Choose University

Choose the right institute from some of the top ranking universities of Canada.

Accept Notification of Selection

Accept the offer and pay the tuition fee of the institute.

Apply for Study Permit

Complete visa application paper work with our counselors.


Submit passport & medical after receiving study permits conformation.

Get Ready to Fly

Receive your VISA and ready to fly. Have a prosperous future!

Get Advice

Pick an Institute

GTE Assessment

Accept the Offer

Get Visa

Prepare for Abroad

Make Your Dream True

Our philosophy is that the student comes first.

We Represent following University in Malaysia

We Represent following College in Malaysia

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